FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


What is the minimum age to participate?

Participant must be 18 years old & above to register for the run.
Age is calculated as at 1 April 2017.

What age allows me to participate in veteran men’s category?

40 years old and above.
Age is calculated as at 1 April 2017.

What age allows me to participate in veteran women’s category?

35 years old and above.
Age is calculated as at 1 April 2017.

How do I know if my registration is successful?

Participants will receive a soft copy confirmation slip via email after payment is successful.

Will I get a refund if I choose not to participate in the race after registration?

We regret to inform you that refund will not be possible once your registration has been processed.

Can I transfer the race category after I have registered?

Race category or race entry is strictly not transferable.

Can I change the race category / team after I have registered?


Can I register for more than ONE (1) race category?

Each Participant is only allowed to register for ONE (1) category.


When and where is the HomeTeamNS REAL Run 2017 REPC?

HomeTeamNS REAL Run 2017 REPC will be held from 7 October to 8 October 2017. Location will be at Velocity @ Novena, Atrium. The collection counters will open from 10am to 9pm.

What is inside the race pack?

The race pack consists of the race bib, event running tee and sponsors’ promotional items. Participants cannot start the race without the race bib. All participants must collect their race pack at the HomeTeamNS REAL Run 2017 REPC.

Can I collect the race pack for my family members / friends?

Yes. However, the representative is required to produce the confirmation slip(s) and copy of NRIC of the participant(s) to collect the race pack.


Is there baggage deposit available to keep my valuables?

Yes. Baggage Deposit will be available. Participants are advised not to leave any cash or valuables (including but not limited to mobile phones) at the baggage deposit counter as the organiser shall not be responsible or liable in the event of any loss.

Can I rollerblade or cycle during the race?

Any form of wheel-run objects of transport (e.g. in-line skates, prams, push cars, shoes with rollers, etc) are not allowed on the whole course.

Can I bring my pets along?

No. Running/ Walking with pets is strictly not allowed in this race.


Am I eligible to win in multiple categories?

Runners will only be eligible to win in the category that they registered for. Only Home Team NSmen are able to win in both open and Home Team NSmen categories.

Can I join the run if I am a foreigner?

You may still join the run if you are a non-Singaporean /PR. However, you will only be eligible for prizes under the Corporate category.