About us

The HomeTeamNS REAL (Regular Exercise, Active Lifestyle) Run is an annual run dedicated to provide an “Ultimate Running Experience” with the combination of road and trail terrains. It was first incepted in 1996, organised by the Singapore Police Association for NSmen (SPANS). With the merger of SPANS and Singapore Civil Defence Association (CDANS) in 2005, HomeTeamNS continues to organise REAL Run with the aim of promoting healthy lifestyle among all the Home Team NSmen and their families. Today, REAL Run has attracted more 5,000 running enthusiasts and maintains its position as the only run in Singapore organised by NSmen for NSmen.

The HomeTeamNS REAL Run is organised in line with one of the association’s five key attributes – a place for energising and fun-filled activities, to offer NSmen and running enthusiasts a different running experience through asphalt and sand terrain. In celebration of NS50 this year and for the first time ever, we are featuring a competition between the forces:

“A man’s worth is not measured by his wealth, but by his heart and the courage to rise and answer his calling. Crimefighters, and Firefighers – choose your sides and run for your allegiance. ”

NS50 Flag Parade Contingent

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of National Service (NS), the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) will provide HomeTeamNS benefits to more than 260,000 Home Team National Servicemen. This is a recognition initiative to thank our National Servicemen for their dedicated service to the nation.

To pay tribute to all our NSFs and NSmen, join the special Flag parade contingent run and carry your Division flag with pride!